Freedom entails educating and informing

Madea – Straight Talk

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself questioning some of the things that I was taught when I was younger and even beliefs that I have held as an adult.  I have realized that as adults we each need to think for ourselves and find our own beliefs, regardless of what society wants us to think.  The article below articulates quite well some of the thoughts that I’ve been having recently.

This is especially true for the times in which we live today, where a lot of people trumpet the beliefs of the religion they were brought up in and use these as an excuse for ignorance, violence and bigotry.  I’ve realized that the views of the majority are not necessarily what is right and that each person should make a decision as to what is right for them.

I’ve also realized that having these thoughts and opinions aren’t going to make me very popular, but I can’t let that stop me, because (and yes, I know this is a cliche) the only one left in the end is me.

“Freedom entails educating and informing ourselves rather than swallowing what schoolbooks and the media filter and spoon-feed us. It means the freedom to believe and to question beliefs, being able to compassionately accept, but not cater to, what to us is the limited perspectives of others, confronting them and speaking our truth when appropriate.”

Please, take a read and leave a comment.

Christian de la Huerta: Let’s Get Free!


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