A Testimonial about Street Harassment

I hate when people in the Caribbean say that it’s part of our culture and we should be proud and feel attractive when we’re called to or touched, because we DON’T. Because you never know when someone is going to take silence for “consent” and think that’s it’s OK to violate you sexually because you didn’t say “NO!”


It happens all the time. You don’t have to be a beautiful, voluptuous woman to have a douchebag gawk at you from across the street or be followed and constantly worry about strange men clicking pictures. Being a woman will do. Walking alone is a mini adventure of its own.

Yesterday was a strange day. I go to university where a large chunk of the student population is made up of fashionably dressed, beautiful, young ladies and had it not been for all the police patrolling outside campus, disgusting perverts outside campus wouldn’t be a rare sight. Post college, I was hanging with a few friends outside college, basking in the powerful glow of what is an all female friend circle and there stood a man, staring at us and smiling creepily like we were doing cartwheels or flashing for his entertainment. We shifted to another spot, he would move exactly opposite…

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