So much information, so little time

I really like my new job most of the time.

What I find most frustrating about it sometimes is that I get all this information… and I can’t share all of it with the public.

Working in radio especially, there’s only so much information you can put into a story.  Half a page of script, two 20-second clips maximum and you’re done.

And there’s always something new. So if you don’t get it into the newscast by tomorrow, that’s it for that item.

So when I go to a media conference and get 45 minutes of speech with all kinds of juicy tidbits, that I know can make at least 5 stories, but I can only get 2 or 3 in, it’s intensely frustrating.

I almost envy newspaper reporters sometimes because they can put so much more detail into their stories, though I know they have their limitations as well.

And for me it’s a bit competitive as well, I want to know if the angle I chose was something that other reporters chose as well, or did I look at it another way, and which one was better?

And also did I mention that at least you know who writes the newspaper and TV stories? No such luck for the radio reporter. I don’t even get to hear the stuff I wrote most of the time.

But I like it here 🙂

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