“Now, I’m a feminist. One of the extreme ones that demands an end to violence against women and girls, but I’m reasonably kind, and try my best not to be hurtful to other women. After all, women do what they have to do, in order to survive under patriarchy. So I go easy on them. I try to educate, and encourage them to see the sexism & misogyny in our society – because as I found out – once you’ve seen it, had your eyes opened to it, you can’t un-see it. No matter how much you might want to.”


TW for non-graphic description of rape, victim blaming & rape culture.

Tonight, I can’t sleep. I’m normally a pretty rubbish sleeper anyway, I wake up a lot and anxiety causes me to have a disrupted sleep pattern. But tonight, it feels different. Menacing.

I have the light on, and radio 4 playing in the background, drowning out the silence. The cause of my sleeplessness? Online abuse. Yup – abuse from lots of men (and women) that I don’t know, has caused me to lie awake wondering (for the tenth time) whether I’ve locked the door, or whether Little Pavs is safe, despite her sleeping peacefully in the room next door. It started like this.

My good tweet mate @judeinlondon contacted me to say that she was taking a lot of abuse for posting about rape on International Women’s Day. These men had tweeted her with appalling comments, questioning her mental…

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