Bikinis vs. one-pieces: the debate over swimsuits is not actually about swimsuits

Fit and Feminist

When swimsuit designer Jessica Rey’s video “The Evolution of the Swimsuit” went viral earlier this year, I didn’t pay it much mind, particularly when I learned she tried to make a connection between bikinis and the objectification of women. I would have happily gone on paying her no mind had I not found myself immersed in the Facebook comments of a Ms. Magazine article that critiqued Rey’s argument.  The discussion – if you can call what unfolded a discussion – really bothered me, to the point that five days later, after stewing on this for an embarrassing amount of time, I decided to write about it.

As longtime readers of this blog know, I live in a coastal community in Florida. At one point, I lived on a beach community, with the Gulf of Mexico just three blocks away from my home.  A large fraction of my time…

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