Contemplating the ‘Gay Gang’

Well said! Not everyone who speaks should be listened to, elder or not.


Earlier this week in the Lovely twin-isle of Trinidad & Tobago, renowned local artist LeRoy Clarke connected the ‘prevalence’ of homosexuality to a rise in crime in the nation. He’s claiming that young people entering gangs are initiated through sodomy and respond in their lives using the gun as an extension of their own masculinity.

Now, for one obvious reason, I have issues taking that seriously. It’s another ignorant conservative conversation from folks responding subconsciously to the sexual status quo. But, at the same time, there’s one (maybe only one) intelligent quote in this from Mr. Clarke…

“We need to get in a more contemplative, a more meditative space, an understanding of problems that are facing the society and start to group them and see where those arrows lead and what will be the consequence if we don’t take an attitude…” – LeRoy Clarke

With that in mind, I’m…

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