Guys, Can We Please, For Two Weeks …

“Women need to let the anger and fear and frustration speak now, to know that we’re listening; and we need to hear it. Lots of us are going to have that queasy, “she thinks that might be me, and that’s totally not me” feeling. Here’s what I want to do: just lock that down and keep in on ice until June 13. Don’t do the “not all men” thing, not even a little; don’t say it. Live the example, stand by the women you support and don’t let your insecurities get in the way. Let them know you by your works. “

I blew my stack on Facebook this morning, after reading one of the many threads where women are trying to have a conversation around the Isla Vista shooting and the #YesAllWomen hashtag campaign.  I blew my stack because there are two things derailing these conversations.  One is misogynist men trying deliberately to derail, deny and distract.  The other is men who want to do the right thing, who mean well, but who feel the need to insert their insecurities, their disclaimers and clarifications and make the conversation about their feelings.

Here’s what I said:

JESUS CHRIST SHUT UP AND LISTEN. IF YOU ARE A MAN RIGHT NOW DO NOT TALK OVER WOMEN. AT ALL. SPEAK ONLY AMONG MEN about whatever you think your valid point is that you so desperately need to hear yourself say and just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Why have I not written about Rodgers? BECAUSE MEN…

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