Why am I here?

Originally when I started this site, it was meant to be an record of my exploration of feminism and how it could change my life and how I interact with and see the world (lots of “and”s there, huh?). Unfortunately it fell prey to my habit of procrastination and feelings of inadequacy about knowing what I wanted to write in a way that was authentic and not just my opinion. I stay because I know this is a platform that I can reach people through, and maybe occasionally influence lives. The focus may change a bit from time to time, for example, these days I write about LGBT issues as well as feminism, as can be seen by the post before this. I also reblog articles that I feel strongly about and will continue to do so. That’s about it for now, I guess.

I’m also in the process of becoming a (hopefully professional) actor, as well as continuing my journalism freelance (maybe I should write about that more here too).

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