Moving Art (October 11, 2015)

RondelRodell Warner Sunday Arts pg B38 Oct 11l Warner‘s ‘Articulate Spectacle’, the final New Media event of the T&T Film Festival on September 26, was a fun, upbeat mix of music, moving images and light which had people dancing and actively participating with the installation. It was a lighthearted evening where friends and strangers mingled, laughed and chatted together.

Abstract moving images were projected along two walls of the stage at the Big Black Box on Murray Street, Port-of-Spain. Participants were able to go on stage and dance and interact with the patterns.

During the evening, the audience was treated to an exhibition by a contortionist who used white silk attached to the front of the stage to interact with the projections. The performance was beautiful and had the patrons in awe. Another projection rendered the space into a drawing which was projected against the upper storey of the space

Warner said he was asked to activate the space by one of the organizers, Holly Bynoe of ARC Magazine. “I’ve made many different kinds of movements with animations and with all that movement and variation I create an environment which I project onto people and spaces. I had my friend Louise who’s a contortionist and aerial performer, she hangs from silk and does gymnastics, come in and perform. When I create these environments, I need a focal point and people can walk into the space, see all of these things and then there’s Louise and she’s doing her thing with her projection on her.”

With the videos, there is so much variation happening in the animation visually that they actually fit to any music, so people were asking me all night if I synced the music to the animation but no, it’s just your brain making connections between the music that you’re hearing and the visuals that you’re seeing to form a pattern.”

“The picture projected onto the upper wall is a drawing I did to show my crew how I wanted the space set up, and it was perfect because it’s a mirror image of the space.”

“I wanted people to enjoy themselves. I’ve made this environment, there’s music, liming, get drinks and enjoy yourself. People themselves can go on stage, be in the projection, see their shadows, play with it. I’ve just basically made a large playground and when we’re liming we’re just playing anyway, so I just made a place for us to play.”

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