Yale offers T&T Director Special Fellowship (June 19, 2016)

Marcus Waldron Jun 19Marcus Waldron is a young Trinidadian theatre director who has been accepted to the Yale School of Drama in Connecticut. He will be pursuing a Special Research Fellowship in Theatre Direction over the course of four months. Waldron’s tuition is being paid by the college, but he is currently trying to raise approximately TT$71,300 in order to pay for room, board and insurance during his stay abroad.

Waldron, a graduate of the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA) at UWI, St. Augustine, originally applied to do a Master’s Degree in Theatre Direction, and was one of only nine persons flown into the University to do an interview. Although he was not chosen to be one of the three people to do the MA, the panel of interviewers offered him the Special Research Fellowship because they were impressed with his interview and audition.

Waldron has directed several plays since graduating from UWI, including “Your Handsome Captain (Excerpts of Marie-Ange’s story)” by Simone Schwarz-bart,” “Under the Mango Trees” by Simeon Moodoo, “The accidental death of an anarchist” by Dario Fo and “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles. His experiences directing these plays are what inspired him to continue his education.

“Liz Diamond from the selection panel said she liked my work and what I was wanting to do and after consulting with the panel and the dean of the school, she offered me the opportunity to come and do the Special Research Fellowship. I’m pursuing that right now to further develop my voice and my eye, and see what other means I could take to develop the work. Getting the offer to do the Special Research Fellowship is an opportunity to continue to push the craft and see what else I can do and what there is to learn. It’s really about taking what I have here and carrying it with me and seeing what they have up there and being exposed to the rest of the world, and that’s what it is for me.” He is in the process of applying for his service ID, which comes with financial clearance and working out details of getting the student visa.

Waldron said even though the sum he has to raise may seem small to some, it’s more money than he’s ever owned at one time. He said he needs to get all his documents together by July 1 to be able to take up the offer. Waldron has requested assistance from the Government as well as Corporate T&T, but has not yet received any response. He hosted a fundraiser on July 11, which did not do as well as he hoped.

“I don’t know honestly what I going to do going forward, but I need to evaluate my losses and situation and be honest about my chances. I welcome contributions, I would work up until the wire, although I understand that’s how it goes sometimes, and so I will see how that happens. Whatever help I can get I will take.”

To assist: email mwaldron868@gmail.com or (868) 3161369.

Original link: http://digital.guardian.co.tt/?iid=143313#folio=88


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