Bridgette Wilson wants to take her choreography further (August 7, 2016)

Choreographer Bridgette Wilson’s dance showcase “Beyond A Dream” on August 13 and 14 will serve a dual purpose. While the proceeds will go toward funding her MA in Choreography at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, Wilson is also taking the opportunity to bring the dance community and its followers together to support each other.

Wilson has been having a series of fundraising events to raise the TT$300,000 needed for her program, but decided to “reach out to different members of the dance community to assist me by providing their talent as well. I chose people that either have been inspirational to me as a choreographer or who I have seen come behind me as choreographers, and whose work I really respect.”
The showcase will be a collaboration between Metamorphosis Dance Company, who Wilson choreographs for, Sonja Dumas’s company Continuum Dance Project, LaShaun Prescott’s Elle NYTT, Sade Chance of SaDance Productions, and Jillene Forde of Shift Contemporary Dance Company.
“I called the show Beyond a Dream because I really want it to go beyond me. I find too many times people in the Arts have to really struggle to get funding to further their education. Every scholarship I may have qualified for otherwise, when you see the list of degrees you can apply with, nobody really focuses on the dance community and more particularly on choreography. My degree is very specific to choreography and I’m still having a hard time finding funding for that.”
Wilson said she hopes the show will show people why they should support her and the Arts in general. “So many times we get called to do functions for people and it’s really Monday for Tuesday and it’s like, how are we going to do that, so I really find dance is the least respected art form in the country.”
She plans to make the showcase an annual fundraising effort to sponsor dancers who need money to go abroad. “Whether it’s to do choreography, to do performance, to do a summer program, they’ll apply for the funding and we’ll see how best we can help them.”
Wilson’s choreography was showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in 2015. She has also had pieces performed in Suriname and Costa Rica. This year, her choreography for the 2016 Carnival presentation of The Lost Tribe placed second in the large band category.
Wilson said her decision to apply for the MA was triggered by dissatisfaction with some of her previous work. “I wanted to do something to challenge my view on choreography and my approach to what I create. Everybody I’ve spoken to about the school has said to me that whatever you go in there with, it’s either completely broken down and you come back with a brand new perspective or you come out very strong in “this is who I am as a choreographer.” So I’m very interested in that challenge because I feel like I’ve stopped growing in a sense.”
Wilson said she will be premiering a work-in-progress called “Seven” at the showcase, based on the seven deadly sins, and she’s excited for people to come out and see it. “The reason I also invited different dance companies is that different companies have different followings and I want to bring all those companies together in the least competitive sense, just so that all of their people can see what other people are doing. We need to take a break from what we’re doing to support each other, because a lot of times I find the dance community is very disjointed and we really need to come together.”
Beyond A Dream takes place at the Little Carib Theatre, beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets cost $150. More info: call 460-1986. Donations can be made to Unit Trust Acct#: 3903460-002

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