Milwaz Productions hosts fundraising concert Amani (January 18, 2019)

The upcoming Milwaz Productions event Amani is a fundraising effort to cover the costs of emergency surgery for company member Christopher Tudor. Amani is an African-themed production which takes place on January 19.

The word Amani is Swahili for Peace. Company director Janeika Tudor-Baptiste said the inspiration for the name comes from “the traumatic experience of the Tudor family after the shocking diagnosis of a spinal compression of Mr. Tudor, father and husband of the family of four. The spinal compression was leading to immediate and rapid paralysis and it was only God’s grace and peace that sustained the family as they watched their able-bodied hero lose mobility and agility. Thus, it is our only prayer that this same peace of God, which kept us, reside in every home represented at this event.”

The concert is being held to offset the medical expenses for an emergency surgery for Tudor, a retired police constable. Tudor-Baptiste said her father, who was gainfully employed at the T&T Police Service from 1989 to 2015, has served the production company for the past five years. “From inception, he has invested his time, energy and handyman resources, every time he was called upon to serve. He was also faithful during his service in the TTPS. As such, we will have a one-hour segment whereby the T&T Police Band will honour this retired officer with an exhilarating entertainment tribute.”
The performers will include members of Milwaz Productions and associates, the TTPS Band, 2018 Gospel Album of the year winner Marc Issacs and many more. The programme will entail dance, drama, song, and infectious, uplifting music. Tudor-Baptiste said “the entire production, theme, décor, music, etc., will be African themed to create a sense of awareness and experience. A major part of the event will be a featured production of “A Raisin in The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry”, which mirrors her encouragement of overall pride in African heritage. This pride, search for identity and consciousness is acutely promoted through the character, Beneatha, played by Renea John. Beyond entertainment, our motivation for using this literary piece is our alignment with the company’s vision which is to engage our community, including patrons, performers, students and teachers in a creative experience of all literary crafts, drama and poetry, through the provision of high quality, infectious and appealing educational productions. As we serve our educational purpose, this play is currently on the Sixth Form syllabus and thus, in addition to general entertainment, students and teachers attending can also benefit greatly academically.”
Tudor-Baptiste has also sent out a request for African designers and artisans, as she said it “was in tandem with maintaining our African theme by showcasing local creators and artists. We always do our best to provide open doors for creative expression. Our motto is “Open doors for expression, service and excellence.” For this production, we extended our home and opened our doors to creatives for them to express themselves and showcase their passions.” Rental of a booth costs $200.
Tudor-Baptiste said the intention of the company is for “the audience to ponder upon the importance of family and community. They must be empowered to selflessly serve their community and honour their family, at all costs. As they seek to find themselves, grow and explore all that the world must offer; they must pursue peace, inner peace, Amani. They must purpose in their hearts to never sacrifice their family for the pursuit of money or selfish gains, for the love of money is the root of all evil and some, by longing for it, have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows, as stated in I Timothy 6:10.”
The event takes place on January 19 at the Cheryl F. Greaves Auditorium, #1 College Avenue, Trincity. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Tickets cost $125 for adults, $80 for children and $110 each for groups of five people. For more information and to reserve tickets or booths, call 729-3627.

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