Eric Barry returns to radio theatre (January 25, 2019)

Playwright and thespian Eric Barry is inviting the public to tune in to his new radio play Tranquility, beginning on February 4.

The comedy serial will air in five minute segments on WACK Radio 90.1 FM Monday to Friday at 7:25 am.

Barry said “Tranquility is a daily 5-minute comedy serial centred around Tony, a retired man who, after being swindled out of his life savings, becomes a maxi taxi driver in order to make ends meet. With his nephew, he operates a maxi taxi called Tranquility. The name of the vehicle is the complete opposite to the reality he faces on the road as he encounters challenging situations and a parade of eccentric passengers. The main actors are Errol “Blood” Roberts, Theresa Awai, Shannalee DeFreitas, Kevin Humphrey and Alvin Fortune.”

He said he was inspired to write the play in an attempt to return to happier times. “I grew up at a time when our people were generally happy people. Despite our challenges or our economic struggles, we laughed at ourselves and took things lightly. So many people today are so oversensitive and angry without just cause. This is a result of the constant negativity that bombards our society on a daily basis. I want people to have a healthy laugh for breakfast. Starting the day with happiness could add a positive spirit to the day and your life.”

This is not Barry’s first foray into writing for radio. In 2004 he wrote “The Rough Season,” a 10-part radio soap opera on hurricane preparedness which plays annually in the English speaking and Spanish speaking Caribbean. In 2009 he wrote “Hush”, a six-part radio soap opera on child sexual abuse and HIV for the Break the Silence Project. His last creative work was the play, “Better, Better Village” which placed second in the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition in 2016. 

Barry said writing radio plays allows him to exercise his imagination without restraint. “Radio is a fantastic medium where imagination is not restricted by budget. It allows you to create stories anywhere that the imagination can go, unlike the stage or screen where budget can be a challenge, depending on the story.”

Barry has high hopes for audience reactions to the serial. “I hope that they enjoy the show and they laugh out their liver strings. I would love when they hop aboard a taxi, they look at the time and tell the driver, “Put the radio on 90.1 please.”

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