Leah Lewis – creating a healthy workplace (January 29, 2019)

Healthcare consultant Leah Lewis will be hosting a workshop on February16 aimed at teaching employers how to create health and wellness programmes within their organisations. Lewis will facilitate the workshop, titled How to Create a Healthy Workplace, along with nutritionist James Harper.

Lewis said the workplace is the perfect setting for focused efforts to be made at the corporate and individual level that allow for healthy behaviour change in employees. “Most working adults spend at least one-third of the day at work, and are exposed to a number of stressors and negative influences on a daily basis. At the workplace, the physical environment, organisational structure, culture and the nature of tasks can have an impact on the health of an employee, and hence the quality of their work, their relationships and overall productivity. I’ve decided to provide an opportunity for business owners, human resource managers, HSE officers, employee benefits officers and others, to learn exactly how to create a culture of health within their own workplaces. Employers need to know that a part of the human aspect of their employees is their health and their capacity to enjoy their lives. They have the ability to not only enhance the quality of life of their workforce, but in turn improve the profitability of their business through reduced turnover, less frequent medical claims, enhanced employee relationships, improved workplace culture, and so much more. When people feel good, they perform better. The key however, is for employers to learn best practice methods for improving employee health that give the positive results that they are looking for.”
Lewis said she partnered with Harper to deliver the workshop because ” I wanted to partner with someone in the field who also has a unique wealth of knowledge. I believe that James has something not only positive and enlightening to share, but also educational and impactful. As a nutritionist and wellness educator, he is also the founder and director of Inspiro Wellness Consulting Ltd., a company that inspires behaviour change and personal growth through health and wellness education and life coaching. As the invited guest speaker, James will be sharing his thoughts on mental attitudes towards lifestyle change that leaders can take into consideration when creating their own wellness programs. I think it’s important because we must take a wholesome approach to lifestyle change, and since our every action in life begins in the mind, it’s important for us to be aware of how our cultural beliefs and thought patterns affect our behaviour, and in this instance our health and well being.”
Lewis said the workshop will take the form of an interactive class in a relaxed environment. “I’ve developed teaching modules for every topic that will be covered, so as the facilitator, I will both be lecturing in these areas, as well as providing the necessary guidance for anyone with questions or concerns. James will deliver his talk after a break for refreshments and we will both then lead an interactive question and answer session with the audience, where we will be sharing ideas for possible workplace wellness programs that they can use. Participants will receive a certificate of participation.”
Lewis said she wants employees to know that “this is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to successfully create and manage their very own health and wellness programs within their workplace or community, that give results of improved health and wellbeing, reduced medical expenses, improved harmony amongst workers and an enhanced image for their organisation. In a time where lifestyle diseases like type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are at an all-time high, we can do something to improve the lives of others. Investing in the health of employees is one of the best things that any employer can do, and I want to teach them exactly how they can do so, starting right where they are. Attendees will essentially be a part of a movement, as this workshop offers great value for both now and the future, as we press towards creating a national culture of health.”

The workshop takes place at the YWCA, Alexandra Street, St. Clair, from 9 am to 2 pm. To register, send an email at support@torenhc.ml or call/Whatsapp (868) 775-1900. Deadline for registration is February 12.

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