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Arielle plans on Goldsmiths MA (June 19, 2016)

Arielle plans on Goldsmiths MA (June 19, 2016)

Art educator and poet Arielle John exudes an aura of intensity and focus, whether performing Spoken Word on stage, talking about human rights activism or her work with teenagers. It’s little wonder that she’s been accepted by the prestigious Goldsmith University, University of London, to pursue a Masters of Arts (MA) in Performance and Culture. … Continue reading

We’re all sex workers, aren’t we?

“I have sex, just like you.  I just have it for money.  You don’t do that?  Really?  So how did you get that Blackberry?  That fancy car?  Or that fancy dinner I heard you talking about last night?” This is an imaginary conversation that came out of a session that was held during a media … Continue reading


I felt oddly liberated this weekend.  I sat in a room of media personnel and advocates for minority communities such as LGBT people, sex workers and persons infected with HIV and AIDS.  What struck me, in addition to the fact that these people were willing to put their faces out there on behalf of these … Continue reading