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We’re all sex workers, aren’t we?

“I have sex, just like you.  I just have it for money.  You don’t do that?  Really?  So how did you get that Blackberry?  That fancy car?  Or that fancy dinner I heard you talking about last night?” This is an imaginary conversation that came out of a session that was held during a media … Continue reading

Don’t talk bout me so!

How would you feel if every time the media spoke about people in your community, they used words like “victims”, “contaminated” and “sufferers”?   Wouldn’t you then hesitate to tell people that you were part of that community, even if you knew that this could be potentially hazardous to those you come into contact with? … Continue reading

I am a woman

I am a woman

 I am a woman. I need to be able to walk on the street without having to endure catcalls from the fellas on the corner or random men walking down the street.  I need to be able to not have to worry that if I don’t smile, nod, or reply to them, they might start … Continue reading