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What Don’t You F**king Get About Domestic Violence?

Yesterday evening, news broke that Rachael Sukhdeo dropped the domestic violence suit against her millionaire husband Sheron Sukhdeo, saying that they’ve since reconciled their issues. And, r… Source: What Don’t You F**king Get About Domestic Violence?

The Victim Blame Game

The Victim Blame Game

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Let’s play a game. This is going to end well.[Image: vipvalet.ca] Imagine you have a car. Not just any car, but a really nice, new one. Make and model of your choice, fresh custom paint job. You drive your gorgeous car to a fancy restaurant, opt for valet…

boxing day 2014. guyana

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“Whore!” was a frequent and common insult slung at her. Whore. He was fucking her whenever he pleased, had brought her to his house for that purpose, as well as to cook and clean. She had been working at the rice mill and looking after his mother who was sick and…

The facts of life

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Men in high places across the region have advice for schoolgirls. Trinidad & Tobago’s Attorney General is reported as stating that date rape is a fact of life and girls should therefore be responsible especially at Christmas time. Barbados men’s rights group MESA were reported as stating…