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I am tired. Tired of having to defend my right as a woman to walk the streets and feel safe. I’m tired of reading and hearing “What was she wearing/doing?” when a woman is assaulted or killed. I’m tired of hearing “well she look for it” and “what you did expect?” I am tired of … Continue reading

Guys, Can We Please, For Two Weeks …

I blew my stack on Facebook this morning, after reading one of the many threads where women are trying to have a conversation around the Isla Vista shooting and the #YesAllWomen hashtag campaign.  I blew my stack because there are two things derailing these conversations.  One is misogynist men trying deliberately to derail, deny and…

A Testimonial about Street Harassment

Originally posted on happyparadox:
It happens all the time. You don’t have to be a beautiful, voluptuous woman to have a douchebag gawk at you from across the street or be followed and constantly worry about strange men clicking pictures. Being a woman will do. Walking alone is a mini adventure of its own. Yesterday was a…

Leaving the house

Leaving the house

Leaving the house can be a depressing experience for most women.  Women have to think about what they wear, what they carry out of the house and how they’ll interact with people they’ll meet so that they won’t be in physical danger. The reactions of women can vary depending on the culture that they come … Continue reading

I am a woman

I am a woman

 I am a woman. I need to be able to walk on the street without having to endure catcalls from the fellas on the corner or random men walking down the street.  I need to be able to not have to worry that if I don’t smile, nod, or reply to them, they might start … Continue reading

The Sociological Cinema

“Many men who harass women say their intent is to compliment them, but why do they usually not “compliment” women who are accompanied by other men and often only do it when a woman is alone? Why do they tend to object to other men “complimenting” their female significant other (if applicable), female friends, or … Continue reading